Best Manpower Company in Indonesia and Why You Need It

In company development, human resources become has an important role. This is why companies are very selective in recruiting prospective employees. However, it is undeniable that the recruiting process is not an easy task to do. For this reason, the company chooses to utilize the best manpower company in Indonesia.

Best Manpower Company in Indonesia: What is Employee Recruitment Services

Employee recruitment services are services that assist companies in searching for prospective workers or talents that have been adjusted to the requirements, criteria, or desires of each particular position/position in the company or agency.

Best Manpower Company in Indonesia

This employee recruitment service provider is very helpful for a company to get prospective employees who are truly competent and by the company’s needs. Recruiting competent human resources will certainly support the company’s performance for the better.

Best Manpower Company in Indonesia: What is Outsourcing

Reporting from Investopedia, outsourcing is the use of labor from a third party to complete certain jobs within the company. The practice of outsourcing is carried out by companies to cut their operational costs.

Based on the Manpower Act, outsourcing work is limited to types of work. Which are supportive and not directly related to the company’s main activities. The types of work include security personnel, cleaning service, operators, customer service, manufacturing, to office administration. The outsourcing work mechanism is that the company agrees with the outsourcing provider to provide services for the type of work needed, then the outsourcing provider will provide employees according to the requirements. needs and placed in companies that need them.

The difference is, that employees do not have a working relationship with your company, but with the outsourcing provider according to the agreement. So that everything related to employees is the responsibility of the outsourcing provider.

Best Manpower Company in Indonesia: Benefits of Using Outsourcing

The benefits of using this outsourcing service include saving on training costs, reducing the recruitment burden, and being able to focus on core business activities. The drawback is that the contracts are usually short, which means the company has to renew repeatedly or even have to find another outsourcing provider.

1. Get employees who have guaranteed quality

Employee recruitment services certainly have an extensive network and a talent pool. When the company provides qualification and experience requirements for a particular job, the recruitment service provider will arrange a selection process for the existing talent. Later, after the curation process, only selected and qualified talents are recommended to the company.

2. Save time and energy

The recruitment process is not an easy task if you do it yourself. Starting from placing job advertisements, and manually reviewing resumes, to selecting talents. And all of that still can not assure you about the quality of talent. Meanwhile, by asking for help from employee recruitment services, which have their sources, strategies, and tools, of course, it will make the recruitment process more effective and present quality talent. The company simply provides the desired qualifications. Then the service provider works to provide recommendations for the best talent.

3. Faster reach the business level

When developing a business, the company should focus on core business activities. Asking for help from employee recruitment services will help the company quickly reach the business level. You should remember that quality human resources have an important role in the development of the company.

4. Speed ​​up role filling

 The company that provides employee recruitment services contains consultants as well as professional recruiters and headhunters. If your company needs months to fill a difficult role, a manpower company can do it in just a few weeks. This can help avoid role vacancies for a long time which results in delays in activities within the company.

5. Save on recruitment costs

Maybe you already know that the cost of using manpower company services is not cheap. But with the efficiency and effectiveness it offers, these costs are cheaper than doing the recruitment yourself.

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