Hiring Process in Manpower Agency

The hiring process of new employees is one of the main keys to creating professional Human Resources. Which lies in the process of Recruitment, Selection, Training, and Development of prospective workers. Finding a qualified workforce is not an easy thing to do. This is an obligation in an organization or company, must conduct screening for new members or workers. Because you need labor recruitment process to screen applicants who want to apply. In organizations or companies, this recruitment process is one of the important processes in determining whether or not applicants will apply to the organization or company. After getting prospective workers from the results of recruitment, the process that is no less important is the selection process. In this process, the company or organization can get the right people they want to find. Also can be placed according to their abilities.

Recruitment is a series of activities that begin when an organization or company requires workers and opens vacancies until they get the desired or qualified candidate according to the position or vacancy. Thus, the purpose of recruitment is to receive as many applicants as possible by the qualifications of the organization or company’s needs from various sources, making it possible to take the highest quality candidate. In this recruitment process, Human Resource Management began to receive application letters from many applicants. In this process, Human Resource Management must determine who are the appropriate applicants. The selection stage is the next in the recruitment process, which is also very influential. So, let’s begin our hiring process.

1. Preliminary admission

Firstly, the selection process is a two-way street. The company chooses the employees and the employees choose the company. Selection begins with a visit by prospective applicants to the personnel office or with a written request with an application.

2. Acceptance tests

Secondly, A variety of tools that assess possible combinations of the applicant’s abilities, experience, personality, and job requirements.

3. Hiring Process Interview

Thirdly, A formal and in-depth conversation is conducted to evaluate whether or not an applicant is acceptable.

4. Reference check

There are 2 types of reference checks, namely: Personal References. It is a reference to the applicant’s character, usually given by family, or closest friends, either appointed by the applicant himself or requested by the company. Employment References. This reference includes the applicant’s background or work experience.

5. Hiring Process for Medical evaluation

Your Human Resource team must contact best health service. Because, you must screen medical and healthiness. Before you make hiring decision. This evaluation requires applicants to show their health information.

6. Hiring Process with supervisor interview

The direct supervisor is ultimately the person responsible for the newly hired employees. Therefore, their opinion and approval must be considered for final admission. They can answer questions from applicants about a particular job more precisely and have the ability to evaluate technical proficiency.

7. Acceptance decision

The decision to accept or not an employee marks the end of the selection process. The Department of Personnel may reconsider rejected applicants for other job vacancies, as they have gone through various selection processes.

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