Illegal Employment Agency

The increasing interest of young people to work abroad as Indonesian Migrant Workers (Indonesia: Pekerja Migran Indonesia, PMI) has made employment agency companies mushrooming in Indonesia. Some of these employment agency companies have complete licenses. Especially, by applicable laws and regulations. However, some employment agencies have not adequate permits to legally channel migrant workers to work abroad.

Impact if We Got Illegal Employment Agency

For PMI candidates who are less fortunate, their fate will be more or less the same as the 29 PMIs that are adrift in Turkey. Arriving in Turkey, the promised work was far from what the agent had delivered. But, the PMIs seemed to be living in an inadequate place. Thankfully they were finally able to return to their homeland safely. Also, the police processed the agents who distributed them.

An advocate who is also an observer of Indonesian Migrant Workers said that the public must be careful and selective in looking for agents to distribute workers abroad. He suspects that there are quite a several rogue agents who do not have complete permits as institutions that have the right to send workers abroad. They, the alleged agents, do not have a permit, either for the placement of workers on land or the sea.

Because of emergence of the PMI case that was hanging in Turkey, allegedly being tricked by an agency company. Also other similar cases, the advocate hoped that this incident could be a lesson for all parties so that further victims would not appear.

Regulation for Employment Agency

To place PMI on land, he said the agency company must have a license as P3MI (Indonesian Migrant Workers Employment Company). As regulated by Law Number 18 of 2017 concerning the Protection of Migrant Workers.

This law gives a greater role to the government. Also reduces the role of the private sector in the placement and protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers. This law also provides Social Security protection for Indonesian Migrant Workers. Insurance companies that are members of an insurance consortium have implemented this law. With protection programs covering pre-placement, placement, and post-placement protection. Social Security Administering Body (Indonesia: Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial, BPJS) implemented their role as protection organization.

Meanwhile, for placement at sea, the agent company must have a Crew Placement Company Permit. As mandated by the Minister of Transportation Number 84 of 2013 concerning Recruitment and Placement of Crew. In reality, many companies do not carry out these obligations. Most of them is only PT (Limited Liability Company).

The Victims

According to him, many of these victims had to borrow money from everywhere. For the sake to be able to go abroad hoping to get better welfare. As experienced by 15 workers who are currently handling their cases as attorneys. The fifteen workers did not leave at all. Even though tens of millions had been handed over to agency companies in 2020.

They close their agency’s office. Which made the situation worse. Also, the investigation of the case by the police seems slow.  We hope that the Manpower Office will carry out its maximum supervisory function. So, that cases like this don’t happen again. Our manpower agency has a license from the government.

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