Indonesian man power is necessary in this globalization era. Various types of companies are growing in various countries. The more companies that grow, the better the economic progress of a country. One of the countries experiencing significant business development in Saudi Arabia.

As we know, Saudi Arabia is one of the most influential countries in the world’s economic sector. Hundreds of companies and businesses are growing and developing in Saudi Arabia. Although the economy of Saudi Arabia is growing rapidly, however, it has grown with challenges. One of the obstacles faced by many companies is a man power problem. Many issues cause this man power problem. Like the lack of manpower in this country. Either quantity or quality.

One way to solve this problem is to find man power from other countries. One of the countries that are partners with Saudi Arabia in recruiting workers in Indonesia. Many companies in Saudi Arabia are looking for man power agencies from Indonesia. The cooperation between the two countries is not without reason. Indonesian workers has four important strengths to compete in this globalization era.


First, Indonesian man power is a flexible persona. The business world and various aspects of life are often volatile, requiring flexibility and the ability to see opportunities. Moreover, Indonesians are used to living in uncertainty and unexpected situations. So, the “grey” situation has become a daily situation for Indonesian people. In addition, Indonesian workers also has backup plans and a high sense of tolerance to overcome difficult situations.


Secondly, Indonesians are steadfast people, warriors for life and tough. In general, under any circumstances, Indonesian people are always able to think positively and be grateful. Maybe it’s not uncommon for us to hear complaints, “luckily only one is missing”, “luckily it’s only stuck in Sudirman” and so on. Without us realizing it, such expressions reflect the positive side of the optimistic attitude of the Indonesian man power.


Thirdly, Indonesian man power is low-cost workers. There are two factors why Indonesian man power is low-cost workers. Economic factors, the price of necessities in Indonesia is quite cheap when compared to some other countries. So, if Indonesian man power is paid cheaply by companies in Saudi Arabia, then they can buy the necessities of life when in Indonesia. The second factor, Indonesian man power is more grateful when compared to other countries.


Indonesian people are used to socializing with people from various ethnic groups and indiscriminately. With this diversity, Indonesian people should be able to appreciate work culture diversity with people from different backgrounds. High adaptability anywhere, becomes an important capital for us to penetrate the communication barrier. Likewise, Indonesians should be able to work well with several people from various countries. In other words, Indonesian man power has a high tolerance.


With a high diversity of local cultures and traditions, it is appropriate that Indonesians have a rich variety of references to be creative. With this abundance of references, Indonesian man power is very creative and able to solve various problems. Both in life and at work. This trait is necessary for work as web developer.

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