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There are many manpower companies in Indonesia with varying rates, quality, terms, and conditions. With the ever-growing economy, manpower company is doing many good jobs in addressing manpower needs in Indonesia. They look for the best personnel or manpower to help companies by linking them to suitable job seekers with specific needs.

A manpower company should be the perfect partner for both company and the job seeker. Because the need for good personnel and jobs requires maintaining good communication and relationship between three factors: manpower or job seeker, companies, and the manpower company. Choosing a good manpower company in Indonesia is a little bit hard for local and international companies. So, as human resource department staff, you must consider seven criteria of a good manpower service in Indonesia.

Best Manpower Company must have Legal Compliance

First, the most important thing for companies is to have legal compliance. Generally, this is very important to all businesses or companies in the world. Not only manufacture-based companies but also service-based companies. Manpower company categorized as service-based businesses. Every business should operate within legal terms and conditions. So, they must obey all laws within local and national rules.

This point makes sure that the services offered are legal.  A manpower agency that has a license from local and national auditors operates with high standards of ethics and will seriously protect its clients. The quality of services is more remarkable and satisfying as compared to agencies that have no license.

Many manpower companies in Indonesia address workforce needs in a professional method. They can be accessed online.

Best Manpower Company must have Relationship-Building Skills

Second, a manpower companies must have good relationship-building skills. Recruitment agencies need to link between companies and jobseeker. A manpower company should build and cultivate good working relationships. This makes them good connectors. So, They must build trust in past, present, and future clients.

Best Manpower Company must have Listening Skills

Third, a manpower company must have good listening skills. The companies in need of personnel have inner felt needs. A good agency takes its time to listen to clients’ needs and specifications. So, listening ensures that the needs are addressed effectively.

Communication Skills

Best Manpower Company must have Listening Skills

After listening to companies’ needs, good manpower companies should use their communication skills. A genuine recruitment agency in Indonesia has human resource and customer service structures in place. This is to support effective communication and updates through emails, phones, or face-to-face. So, The objective is to make ensure the client’s concerns are well addressed and on time.

High Confidence

Fifth, the manpower company must have confidence. The agency should be confident in giving information on its services and the trust of its clients. If they are unsure about things they offer and other information regarding jobs, then they could be unscrupulous and hence not suitable to work with.

Time Management

Time Management

Sixth, in the business world, time is money.  Every client loves fast results. So, recruitment agencies should be good at time management. This is to make sure that employers get the right personnel. Also, job seekers can secure jobs within a reasonable period of time.

Marketing Skills

            Seventh, a manpower company must have excellent marketing skills. These skills are very important for any result-oriented work. Because their important role is to promote and explain their services to employers and job seekers alike. If they do not have negotiation skills that form an integral part of marketing, then is not an efficient agency.

If you work in the human resource department, you must consider these seven criteria of manpower service because they can affect your work environment whether short termshort-term or long-term. Our manpower company gives the best service in Indonesia.

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