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Manpower Consulting Agency for Korea: Intro

Migrating has become a tradition for Indonesian people who have a high adventurous spirit. From between cities, islands, and even to the other side, Indonesian people are often carried out for certain purposes. The Indonesian people carry out various goals in their overseas journeys to other countries, such as studying for knowledge to trying their luck due to economic demands. In recent years, Indonesian Migrant Workers (Indonesian: Tenaga Kerja Indonesia, TKI), have realized that there is one developed country in the Asian Continent that has excellent job prospects. Namely South Korea. So, several TKI contacts the manpower consulting agency for Korea. You can also contact us.

Many of the migrants choose countries such as Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Malaysia as their destinations to change their fate, even though they know the risks that will occur if they work abroad. If migrants want to try their luck, Working abroad is a solution. Due to high economic pressure.

Manpower Consulting Agency for Korea: Nine Factors

Quoted from KoreanFirst, there are nine reasons South Korea can be a special attraction for immigrants to earn sustenance.

1. There is no difference in salary between Korean and foreign native workers.

The South Korean government stipulates that the salary given to foreign and Korean workers is the same. This is not only to provide welfare to the workers who come but also to protect Korean workers or workers. South Korean government did this to avoid business people who prefer foreign workers who are said to be paid more cheaply than the original Korean workers themselves.

2. Indonesian workers are very popular in Korea

The world has recognized Indonesian workers as having a high work ethic. Besides, Indonesian workers are also hard workers and don’t complain much. This is based on the level of awareness of the Indonesian people who have an understanding that they must maintain their attitude and work seriously when they are away from home or in someone else’s country.

3. Labor Salaries in South Korea Reach IDR 22,500,000 per Month

As reported from the ZhieeLeely Youtube account, an Indonesian citizen who was once a migrant worker in South Korea. South Korean company pay him 1,882,480 Won. Equivalent to IDR 22,781,000 per month. In the video he uploaded on Youtube, the amount of wages he receives per month does not include overtime, benefits, and insurance.

4. Greater Job Opportunities

The Korean government is persistently planning to open 850,000 new job opportunities for young job seekers. This was expressed based on the government’s concern about the rising unemployment rate in Korea. The Korean government plans to cooperate with private and national parties to increase the number of workers their companies can absorb. In addition, the Korean government will also support highly innovative creative industries to absorb more workers.

5. Welfare of Workers is Guaranteed

South Korean President Moon Jae-in aims to focus on the welfare of workers and laborers. Now, the Korean government is drafting regulations so that the riots that South Korea experienced a few years ago don’t happen again in the future.

6. Low Cost of Living

In addition to the comfortable and clean community environment in Korea, living life in South Korea is also still relatively friendly for workers from Indonesia. Goshiwon or similar to boarding houses are very easy to find in South Korea, by consuming cheap foods such as bibimbap, kimchi rice, kimbap, and others whose prices are very friendly for workers from Indonesia. Plus, Korea is one of the countries that consume the most instant noodles. So Indonesian workers will not be afraid of running out of food.

7. Korea is Muslim Friendly

The hallyu-wave culture ushered in Korea to a generation of openness. Now Korean people no longer feel foreign to see other people wearing the hijab or having a different skin color from them. In addition, the increasing number of mosques and places of worship for Muslims also increases the awareness of the Korean people about the Muslim community around them.

The above factors are certainly enough to be considered for the nomads in trying their luck.

South Korea has become a strong country in terms of economy in recent years. This does not include in terms of the entertainment world which is owned by South Korea which is famous for its Korean Drama and K-Pop

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