Manpower Recruitment for Sector Based

Manpower recruitment for Indonesian citizens is wide open. From various sectors, companies abroad open a lot of manpower recruitment. Here are the three most popular sectors for TKI (Indonesian: Tenaga Kerja Indonesia, Indonesian Manpower who work overseas).

Manpower Recruitment for Sector Based: Domestic Worker

Firstly, we must discuss domestic worker sector. The Ministry of Manpower issues the Minister of Manpower Decree No. 1 of 2015 concerning Positions That Can Be Occupied by Indonesian Workers Abroad for domestic work. This decree contains job descriptions and requirements for seven positions of TKI who work in the domestic or household sector. Serves as a reference for relevant parties in the process of placing and protecting Indonesian workers working abroad. The professions are housekeeper, babysitter, cook, caretaker for the elderly, family caretaker, gardener, and babysitter.

The existence of more specific TKI positions in the domestic worker sector is expected to facilitate the placement process. So, this can improve aspects of protection as well as improve the welfare of TKI. In accordance with the process of improving the governance of TKI, the work contract will have to be explained later, the job description and requirements of the TKI are in accordance with their respective competency standards. So, the field of work and duties of the TKI concerned will be more focused, can open up opportunities for negotiating additional salaries, and make the aspect of supervision easier and more controlled.

The purpose is to regulate TKI who work in the domestic sector so that they do not do all the work as has been the case so far. We want TKI to work only in terms of the main work and tasks that are in accordance with the job descriptions and positions agreed in the work contract. The minister explained that the positions which can accept Indonesian Migrant Workers in the domestic sector have been adapted to the 2008 International Standard Classification of Occupation (ISCO) code. So, all nations will recognize this.

Manpower Recruitment for Sector Based: Plantation Worker

Secondly, we need to discuss plantation sector. Indonesia sent 2,000 TKI as seasonal agricultural workers to the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Plantation company in Great Britain and Scotland will place these TKI in their companies. As an initial stage, Indonesia just sent 500 TKI. Director-General of Development for Placement and Expansion of Employment Opportunities symbolically carried out The inaugural release of 250 of the 500 TKI.

The delivery of 2,000 TKI to the United Kingdom is the result of a collaboration between PT. Alzubara Manpower Indonesia with a number of plantation companies in the UK including Clock House Ltd (Firmin, Kenth word, Cox Health, Salman), MansField, Alan Hill Scotland, Dearnsdale, J Myath, G.H Dean, and Oakdane.

Manpower Recruitment for Sector Based: Construction Worker

Thirdly, we need to discuss contruction sector. The number of Indonesian construction workers in Malaysia is quite large, although he does not know the exact number. The high cost of certificates in Malaysia is an obstacle. Construction workers from Indonesia must face this obstacle. So, they got cheap salaries. In the neighboring country, certified construction workers will receive high salaries. If construction workers do not have a certificate only paid 70 percent. For this reason, based on these provisions, the government is coordinating with the Construction Services Development Agency (LPJK) in Malaysia. This collaboration includes the issuance of a construction worker certification in Indonesia which can be valid in Malaysia.

In Indonesia, the number of certified workers is very small, only 6 percent of the total 7.2 million workers. The official considering attracting more certified workers by enacting a letter of acknowledgment. They will write a letter from the Minister of PUPR to assess the workers. Workers who need certificates include foremen, handymen, and chief handymen.

If the work is good, the foreman will receive a letter of acknowledgment. So, the foreman will no longer need to undergo a lengthy test to get a certificate. Because his performance is good. If you want to try, just contact our service.

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