Manpower Service Requirements Procedure

Some people still want to Become Indonesian Migrant Workers (Indonesian: Tenaga Kerja Indonesia, TKI). Because of various reasons. Ranging from wanting to explore living abroad to helping the family economy. Maybe, you also interested in becoming TKI. So, You need to know about the requirements and stages of registration. You can check out the requirements and stages to become a legal TKI and give your documents to the manpower service. Because, the requirements needed is complex.

Documents Required by Manpower Service


You must complete the documents required. After that, give your documents to the manpower service. The following is a list of documents that you must complete. First, Registered at the Regency or City service (job seeker registration card or AK-1) Be at least 18 years old as evidenced by attaching an Identity Card or other identity. Second, Attach the last education document. Third, Attach a certificate of physical and mental health. Fourth, Attach a Police Record Certificate (SKCK). Fifth, your husband or wife must give you permission if you are married. Or, you must give a Certificate of Permission from your parents, if you are not married or divorced. Seventh, Not in a state of pregnancy for prospective female TKI. You need evidencing by a doctor’s certificate. Eight, manpower service and government will give other written agreement.

So, you have completed all the requirements and documents mentioned above. Next step, You can simply come and register yourself at the manpower service located in the City or Regency where you live. Manpower service or government will give information to prospective TKI. Including conditions and terms of work, position, and registration requirements. They will inform the risks that may be faced by TKI while abroad.

Selection Process

It does not stop there, the prospective TKI also still has to go through several selections. Several stages of administrative selection and technical selection. Technical selection includes written tests, interviews, and practicals. Let’s discuss the tests. You must know this.

Administrative selection is the selection process of applicants’ documents. Are their document match the requirement as requested or not? This steps including application letter, diploma, age, status, work experience, domicile, certificate of expertise, photograph, photocopy of identity, health letter from the doctor, and birth certificate. Manpower service will inspect your documents.

Psychological testing is a field characterized by the use of behavioral samples to assess psychological constructs. For example, cognitive and emotional functioning, about a particular individual by behavioral sampling. Manpower service will observe an individual’s performance which is usually predetermined. Often means scores on exams. Statistical tables will help manpower service to compile these response. This allows the evaluator to compare the behavior of the individual against the norm’s group responses. Then, Manpower services will help you in this process.

A job interview test is a form of a formal and in-depth conversation held to evaluate applicants. The interviewer will seek three basic questions. Can the applicant do the job? Will the applicant do his job properly? Manpower service also compares to other applicants. Manpower services will help you in this process. Next, the new TKI candidate will officially get a TKI work placement. So, You can contact our manpower service.

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