Overseas Recruitment Agencies in Indonesia for Korea

Overseas Recruitment Agencies in Indonesia for Korea: Intro

Having a Government-to-Government agreement, South Korea provides employment opportunities for Indonesian migrant workers or TKI in several sectors such as fisheries and manufacturing. This agreement is to facilitate overseas recruitment agencies in Indonesia for Korea. However, considering working in South Korea, far away, and entering a foreign country, there are several things that prospective migrant workers must comply with.

Overseas Recruitment Agencies in Indonesia for Korea: The Costs

The main thing is of course a passport and visa. In addition, Korean language skills, although basic, must also be mastered to facilitate communication. So, how much does it cost a prospective TKI who will work in South Korea? The cost explained that the amount which we discussed was only an outline.

Because in some cases, such as training costs or health checks, it depends on each location and place, so the costs incurred may be greater or less than the details stated. The following is a breakdown of expenses and the total costs that must be incurred by a prospective migrant worker who will leave for South Korea. First, prospective TKI who want to go to South Korea must do a general health check to ensure several things.

Health Test Cost

In general, prospective migrant workers must hold a health certificate. The certificate must inform of being free from color blindness, tuberculosis, hepatitis, herpes, and HIV. As estimated, the cost amounts to around IDR 300,000 to IDR 400,000.

Language Education Cost

Second, is the cost of education in South Korea. For prospective South Korean migrant workers, mastery of the Korean language is important. Because its structure is different from Indonesian. If you take a Korean language course at LPK, the costs will range from IDR 3,000,000 to IDR 5,000,000. This fee can be greater or less depending on the location, facilities, and the place where the LPK is located.

But prospective migrant workers can also learn independently if they want to reduce spending on this one. Prospective migrant workers can get teaching or knowledge about the South Korean language from books, YouTube, or other sources.

Third, the EPS TOPIK exam fee is approximately 350 thousand. Prospective migrant workers can find information about this exam on the BP2MI website. You can also find information from overseas recruitment agencies in Indonesia for Korea.

Administration Cost

Fourth, is the cost of sending data or CV which includes several points. Also, making passports. It is around IDR 350,000 to IDR 400,000. Depending on the region. Don’t forget to get Police Record Certificate (Indonesian: Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian, SKCK). The cost is around IDR 50,000.

Preliminary and Flight Cost

Fifth, prelim and flight fees for prospective TKI who will go to South Korea. Such as Visa renewal fee (around IDR 800,000 to IDR 900,000), flight tickets cost (around IDR 10,000,000), pocket money (around IDR 5,000,000), Psychological test (around IDR 300,000), insurance (around IDR 500,000) and Prelims also flight jackets around IDR 1,000,000 to IDR 1,300,000. Just in case, if the agencies request to medical check-up again, you must have approximately IDR 800,000.

Total Cost

In total, a prospective TKI who will work in South Korea must spend approximately IDR 20,000,000. It is depending on the situation and information updates from BP2MI. If you are confused, you can contact our overseas recruitment agencies in Indonesia, here.

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