Overseas Recruitment and Salaries

If we talk about improving economic conditions, we need to talk about salaries. According to the World Bank, TKI (Indonesian: Tenaga Kerja Indonesia) or Indonesian manpower who pass overseas recruitment, can earn up to six times the salary compared to working in the country. Then, the benefits are given to large workers as well as knowledge and experience that will not be obtained in the country also become an attractive offer for young people to work abroad. So, where are the countries with the highest salaries for TKI? So, here are the five countries with the highest salaries for Indonesian who pass overseas recruitment.

Overseas Recruitment and Salaries in Malaysia

The income of Indonesian migrant workers who become household assistants in this country reaches IDR 5,000,000 per month. If you become a laborer, there is also overtime pay of Rp 30,000 per hour as additional income.

Overseas Recruitment and Salaries in Singapore

No need to go all the way to the East Asia region, our neighboring countries also offer quite promising income for TKI. For example, in Singapore, being a household assistant in this country earns IDR 5,800.000 per month. This is coupled with a bonus that can reach IDR 250,000 per week. If you regularly take overtime every week, the nominal salary you can get can reach IDR 6,800,000.

Overseas Recruitment and Salaries in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is especially well-known as a destination for Indonesian migrant workers who wish to work as domestic helpers. If you work in a factory or company, this amount will be added to a meal allowance of up to IDR 1,900.000. This figure is certainly greater than looking for work as a domestic assistant in Indonesia.


Taiwan is still the main destination for many people to work. The reason is that the average salary for Indonesian workers in Taiwan is TWD 22,000 or equivalent to IDR 10,100,000.

For factory workers, this nominal does not include the offered overtime pay. The amount of overtime pay alone can reach IDR 12,000,000 in total.


The land of sakura or sunrise offers a salary of IDR 30 million. Opportunities to work in Japan, can be a nurse (kangoshi) and a nurse for parents (kaigofukushishi). Japan has for the last few years been a favorite placement country for TKI. If Indonesian citizens work in Japan through a private scheme (P to P), the monthly salary depends on the policies of each company there.

Referring to regulations from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of Japan in 2019, the minimum average worker salary there is JPY 901 per hour or around IDR 116,500. The minimum wage varies by prefecture. Tokyo has the highest minimum wage of JPY 1,013 or IDR 131,100 per hour.

South Korea

In addition, there is South Korea which gives TKI a salary of KRW 1,795,310 or equivalent to IDR 21,543,720. South Korea is one of TKI’s favorite countries to work in the ginseng country.


Ranked third, this country with a red and white flag offers job opportunities as a welder with a monthly salary of IDR 10,000,000. This means opportunities in the manufacturing or construction industry sector. Suitable for TKI who have an interest or background as factory or workshop workers.

Overseas recruitment is very profitable if you pass the test. If you want to try overseas recruitment, you can try it.

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