Partnership Agency in South Asia

Partnership agency in helps many workers in South Asian for work in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is solving problems and enhancing facilities for foreign man power. The first is the protection of employment contracts. Second, monitoring the smoothness and quantity of salaries. Third, preparing the process of facilitating the settlement of labor disputes. The government of Saudi Arabia has also carried out a digital transformation to improve the employment system in their country.

Why Saudi Arabia improves its foreign man power facilities? Because Saudi Arabia provides eight million job vacancies that are open to formal or professional workers from any country. Do not want to let go of these opportunities; many South Asian partnership agency offers their service to Saudi Arabian companies. Five countries have recruitment agency in South Asia.

Partnership Agency in Sri Lanka

Partnership Agency in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has reduced the minimum age for women to be allowed to work abroad or become migrant workers to 21. Because, amid the bankruptcy of a country that urgently needed an inflow of foreign currency. So, Sri Lanka lacked foreign currency to import domestic needs. As reported by Arab News, this South Asian country last month defaulted on its foreign debt worth millions of US dollars. Remittances from Sri Lankan migrant workers have long been the country’s main source of foreign exchange. The most important source of inflow is the Middle East.

Partnership Agency in Nepal

Partnership Agency in Nepal

Nepalese people mostly depend on remittances from Nepalese workers who mostly migrate to GCC countries namely Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman. Since the earthquake in 2015, Nepalese people have become increasingly dependent on remittances. With the help of man power partnership agency, Nepal could experience an improvement in conditions with an 8.2% increase in GDP, a reduction in the number of unemployed, and a reduction in the number of refugees.

Man Power Agency in Bangladesh

Partnership agency in Bangladesh

The Saudi government has recently permitted ten companies to recruit workers for the public and private sectors from Bangladesh. Because, They said that the Saudi authorities informed Bangladesh about the new development in this regard. Saudi company guarantee that the workers would receive their monthly salaries through individual accounts opened by a respective man power recruitment agency. The partnership agency has also been asked to ensure that employment contracts were signed to protect the rights of the employees, the employers, and the recruitment company with approval from the Saudi labor ministry.

Man Power Agency in India

Partnership Agency in India

More than five hundred million foreign-born domestic workers in Saudi Arabia. Most have come from Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and Southeast Asia. Man power recruitment agency then handles the necessary legal paperwork. For Many Indians, Saudi Arabia is a favorite job destination. Besides oil, numerous different sectors are doing admirably in Saudi Arabia. They are media, transmission, the travel industry, drugs, and schooling. Gifted and semi-talented specialists in various specialized positions contact the man power recruitment agency in India.

Man Power Agency in Pakistan

Partnership agency in Pakistan

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have signed two agreements regarding the recruitment of workers and the verification of skills of Pakistani workers employed in the kingdom. The worker recruitment agreement will contribute to streamlining the process of exporting labor from Pakistan in diverse professions in the kingdom while safeguarding their rights and providing comprehensive legal protection to Pakistani nationals employed in Saudi Arabia. The agreement on skills verification will increase Pakistan’s exports of skilled and certified labor to the kingdom. Also helped by man power partnership agency

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