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Dubai is a big city in the UAE. The city location is close to the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi. Which has an almost equally big atmosphere. In Abu Dhabi, the cost of living relative to be cheaper than in Dubai. But the cost of daily supplies is relatively high. So, a recruitment agency in Dubai researched life in Dubai.

Dubai is seen as having super tall buildings. Luxurious cars and fine restaurants can be found everywhere. But it’s impossible if there are no poor people in Dubai? It turns out that many low-income people are living in Dubai. The average salary of migrants is USD 200 to USD 350. Maybe the salary looks high. But life cost in Dubai is very expensive. This USD 300 income is far from enough to live a standard life.

Dubai has become a new magnet for the world community. Towering buildings followed by views of ‘supercars’ and luxury resorts have provoked people’s interest to immediately move to the city that was previously just a desert. However, seeing the glory of Dubai as a city full of luxury makes one wonder about how much it costs to live in Dubai. So, how much cost to live in Dubai?

Recruitment Agency in Dubai: Place to Live

According to the cost-of-living data collection site Numbeo, the cost of living in Dubai per month reaches 3,426.90 Emirati dirhams or equivalent to IDR 13.5 million per month for one person without property or housing rental fees and 11,824 dirhams or around IDR 47 million per month. for a family of four with no property rental fees.

For a place to live alone, the prices listed on the site are quite varied. The cheapest is a one-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the city, which costs 3,700 dirhams or equivalent to Rp. 14.5 million per month and the most expensive is a 3-bedroom apartment in the city for 10,700 dirhams or Rp. 42 million per month.

Recruitment Agency in Dubai: The Cost of Living

The cost of living is broken down from the cost of food, daily supplies, transportation, electricity, water, shopping for clothing, and entertainment. With this cost of living, Dubai ranks first as the most expensive city in the Middle East and number 23 in the world.

Furthermore, this research also compares the cost of living in Dubai with that in Jakarta. The cost of living in Dubai without renting a property per month is said to be 54% more expensive than in Jakarta and property rental costs in Dubai are 192% more expensive than in Jakarta.

The Cost of Child Education

Dubai natives are happy to raise their children in Dubai because education here is free. But on the other hand, migrants have to pay $100,000 for 11 years of public schooling. This causes most migrants to choose to leave their children in their home countries.

Safety Cost

The crime rate in Dubai is very low. Almost zero percent. That is the reason why Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. Dubai has achieved it thanks to strict legal regulations. People in Dubai are full of morality.

Zero percent income tax

We know Dubai as a rich country. Including its Dubai citizens. Due to its richness, the country does not have regulations for income taxes. They can keep it and increase the coffers of money.

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