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According to research from recruitment agency in Mumbai, one city with highest wages for foreign workers is Mumbai. Surpassing cities in many developed countries. Foreign professional workers in the Indian capital, Mumbai, are said to earn a salary of US$ 217,000. Equivalent to IDR 2.9 billion per year. What is the reason behind the amount of the wages?

Recruitment Agency in Mumbai Research: Expensive Housecare Cost

In Mumbai, people often come across the term ‘expatriate residence’ which is rented out for between 200 thousand to one million rupees per month. Equivalent of IDR 41,000,000 to IDR 206,000,000. The rent is very high for local residents. In Bandra, the cost of renting an apartment consisting of one-bedroom ranges from IDR 10,000,000 to IDR 20,000,000.

The cost of renting ‘expatriate housing’ is considered reasonable. For example in Bandra, Worli, and Breach Candy areas. Three premium neighborhoods on Mumbai’s west coast with plenty of cafes, restaurants, malls, and nightlife spots. Life in this dream area is indeed for expatriates with the highest salaries in the world.

Researcher from a Recruitment Agency in Mumbai heard stories about some expatriates getting huge benefits, around INR 1,000,000 to INR 1,200,000 or IDR 213,000,000 to IDR 250,000,000 per month, just for housing. A senior expatriate can even get housing allowances that are exactly the same quality as their home in their home country. So, the question is: how much salary do expatriates in Mumbai have to earn to be able to afford such expensive rent?

The answer, referring to a researcher from a Recruitment Agency in Mumbai, is more than US$ 200,000 or IDR 2,9 billion per year. That figure makes them the highest-paid foreign workers in the world. The survey found that the average wage for expatriates in Mumbai is US$ 217,000 or IDR 2,9 billion per year. Meanwhile, the average wage for foreign workers worldwide is US$ 99,900 or IDR 1,3 billion per year. In comparison, the annual salary of expatriates in San Francisco reaches US$ 207,000 or IDR 2,8 billion. While foreign workers in London get US$ 107,000 or IDR 1,4 billion. So, what makes the wages of expats in Mumbai the highest in the world?

Recruitment Agency in Mumbai Research: Older and Experienced

A recruitment agency in Mumbai said 44 percent of foreign workers moved to Mumbai at the behest of the company. They benefit from job transfer benefits. That is the component that underlies the higher wages of expatriates in Mumbai compared to other cities. The job acceptance rate for expatriates in Mumbai is also very high. At 89% compared to the global average of 78%. Most of the expatriate workers in Mumbai work as engineers. Age may have contributed to the big paycheck. The survey shows that 54% of foreign workers in London are millennials.

Meanwhile, expatriates in Mumbai are older: 54% are 35-54 years old. Globally, foreign workers in that age range are only 45%. Obviously, expatriates working in Mumbai are older and more experienced. Age factor had pushed Mumbai into the highest paying city for expatriates. The number of expatriates holding high positions, such as CEO or positions below the CEO, influenced the Mumbai survey

Recruitment Agency in Mumbai Research: Tough Challenge

The general opinion among personnel experts is that foreign workers from developed countries moving to India should be properly rewarded for the various hardships in the country. The ‘affliction benefit’ may consist of the cost of renting a place to live, a car, a driver, health insurance, education, and a certain amount of membership fees in certain associations. In other parts of the world, those benefits have become a thing of the past as companies tighten spending.

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