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Until now, many people still have a high interest in becoming Indonesian manpower who work abroad (Indonesian: Tenaga Kerja Indonesia, TKI). Because it is said that the salaries is higher. TKI does not only refer to domestic assistants. Some work as employees or laborers in foreign companies. Despite their status as a worker, their standard of salary is much higher than that of workers in Indonesia. One of the destination countries for migrant workers to work and earn is the Philippines. This country which is culturally closely related to the Minangkabau (one of the tribes in Indonesia) does have its charm. It is not surprising that some consider it to be a work destination country. You can contact

Around 4.5 million Indonesians pass overseas recruitment, as estimated. Most of them (around 70%) are women. These women employs in the domestic work. For example, as maids or domestic helpers and in the manufacturing sector. Most of them aged in the productive age margin, between 18 and 35 years old. However, some of them might be underaged through document falsification, as it estimated . Around 30% are men, mostly working in plantation, construction, transportation, and service sector.

The large population of Indonesia, the world’s 4th largest, has contributed to the surplus of the workforce in Indonesia. This large workforce, combined with scarcity and unavailability of jobs at home, has led several Indonesians to seek jobs abroad, to earn money to improve their economy.

Recruitment agency in Philippines: Problems

The government steps and efforts were not easy. Because the sending of Indonesian domestic workers overseas which began in the 1970s was a big business of trillions of rupiah and involved many parties. However, with the persistence of government officials including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all Indonesian Representatives abroad, the current conditions for handling Indonesian domestic workers are much better. Although, there are still several problems faced.

After the problem is solved, Indonesia can now work more focused on economic cooperation. To support the wheels of Indonesia’s development to prosper the people. One of the friendliest countries and a leading investor in the South East Asia region with a currency value of 1 PHP (Philippines Peso) currently equal to IDR 265.

Recruitment agency in Philippines: Interesting Things from the Philippines

One of the destination countries for migrant workers to work and earn is the Philippines. Compared to Mumbai or other countries, the salary is still small in the Philippines. Still about salaries, although the salary may even be less than the Indonesian standard, you might consider it due to several factors. But, at least, the location of the Philippines is still not far from Indonesia. Here, let’s discuss the daily lives of TKI who work in the Philippines. The layout and geographical conditions are similar to Indonesia. You may feel right at home when working in the Philippines. In the Philippines, English acts as a second language. Coming home from work in the Philippines, you may be already good at speaking English. The people have a good work ethic. This can affect you too.

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