Soft Skill Manpower

Soft skill manpower is abilities, which are often equated with talent, even though these abilities can also be trained to continue to grow, just like hard skills. Examples of soft skills that we can easily find are critical thinking and time management. Both are important parts, especially in the professional field. Not only in the field of work or professionals, students also needed soft skills in practices. One example of student soft skills, for example, networking. By having a wide and appropriate network or connections, students can take advantage of these soft skills to face life after college.

There are many examples of soft skills, but there are at least seven examples of soft skills that are basic that need to be known. So, this is some example about soft skills.

Communication as an Example of Soft Skill Manpower

An example of the first soft skill is communication. The purpose of communication is the ability to communicate, both personal and professional. As a soft skill, you must obtain all aspects of communication to achieve a level of effectiveness. Aspects of communication in question are verbal communication and nonverbal communication, speaking, listening, writing, and listening to bringing or presenting something.

Cooperation as an Example of Soft Skill Manpower

Cooperation is also an example of soft skills that are needed, not only in the professional field but also by students. Soft skills for cooperation nurtured since childhood. As previously mentioned, collaboration is an example of a student’s soft skills. Students who are trained in working together will usually find it easier to open new networks or networks in their environment.

Leadership is Necessary for Soft Skill Manpower

Leadership is one of the soft skills that are very significant in several fields of work. Examples of leadership soft skills in the world of work, for example, are leading a project from a company. Leadership is also an example of student soft skills, which usually exist in organizational and community activities. This one soft skill also gives more value to a person’s personality. Humility is also an example of a leadership soft skill. With humility, someone will find it easier to lead a team or group.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is also an example of the next soft skill. One example of a soft skill of critical thinking is, helping someone in filtering information. Why is that? Critical thinking soft skills come from the habit of absorbing information carefully. To be able to think critically, we can train ourselves by reading. Reading, whatever the medium, will enrich the vocabulary, in addition to adding insight. From that habit, critical thinking soft skills will grow. Furthermore, by honing critical thinking soft skills, we will have high curiosity, increase creativity, and logical thinking patterns, and even ignite a willingness to learn new things.


Curiosity As mentioned earlier, examples of critical thinking soft skills will help foster high curiosity. This is also an example of a soft skill that will be very useful in various conditions. Understanding the soft skills of curiosity, don’t mistake it as stupid. Kepo is excessive curiosity about the interests or affairs of others. In simple terms, an example of a soft skill of curiosity is curiosity about information or things that are useful for oneself. For example, curiosity about the field of science that we want to master, or curiosity to explore how the conditions of the Covid-19 Pandemic situation have an impact on bicycle sales.

Time Management

Another example of a soft skill is time management, which will be very helpful in various daily life. In short, with good time management, we will be able to complete various activities efficiently. Furthermore, time management is also an example of student soft skills, which are very good to be honed from an early age. Students who have the ability to manage time, of course, can do various positive things, for example, take self-development classes or complete assignments so they don’t pile up before deadlines.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is the ability to speak in public. However, do not assume that this example of soft skills is only useful for those whose work is often dealing with many people, such as clients or resource persons. By definition, public speaking does mean the ability to speak in public. But more than that, examples of soft skills in public speaking can have an impact on you. By mastering the soft skills of public speaking, we will become more courageous individuals. That courage makes us more open to other people’s points of view, and to express our own opinions. Meanwhile, public speaking is an example of a student’s soft skills, so that they can appear more, both in the academic world and in organizations or communities.

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