Women Labor Versus Men Labor

This is an era of increasing emancipation for women. It is the time and we are used to seeing women go to the office to work. This is a very common thing when women even though they are not or have married. But most of them are still working. The advantages of women in working are not only to improve the economy of their families but there are many reasons for women to be able to keep working. Other reasons that become a factor are because they are very bored if only at home, and many women also work. After all, they love their work. In addition, if women work, they are very well known for their diligent and conscientious way of working. Here we are not discussing the advantages when women are at work. On the other hand, in this article, we want to discuss in depth and detail the weaknesses of women in work. For this reason, this is why we prefer man labor to women labor

Women labor have a strong fear of loss and failure

The key in the world of business and work is not to be afraid to fail. Here for men, indeed they always dare to take any risks. But it’s very reversed for the women. Almost all women think they are afraid of failure. They are very anxious and worried if they fail. Therefore, the pattern of thinking in this regard between men and women is very different.

Women labor Thinking too much

Weaknesses in this second point are very natural for women, women are indeed famous for their overthinking nature. In addition, women who work must be smarter to manage their time very well. In another hand, men’s laborers have less fear of loss and failure. Therefore, in addition to working, women, especially women who already have families, must also think about the condition of their homes well. Because it makes women think a lot.

Have high empathy

Maybe in other ways, this empathy is very good and commendable. But it’s different in the world of work. In this world of work, we should have more attitude and a high commitment to work. Men have less empathy. So, men labor has more commitment to work than women.

Less firm

Don’t have too much compassion and pity. This not only makes us lose but can also make the company go bankrupt. An example, in this case, is: if women work in sales or marketing. And some customers ask for very low prices from the normal price and we see those customers who continue to feel sorry, in this case, we should commit and must be more assertive. Therefore, in this case, the empathy of women should be reduced. If compared

Less time-sharing

Usually, the weakness of women who work is that they do not share time with family or friends. Tips for taking care of children at work, for example, can help you. Unlike men labor, they have more time to share in their work.

The five points above are the reason why men labor have more commitment than women labor. But behind all these weaknesses, how to beautify the face without makeup, many advantages exist for working women. Women can do multi-tasking. They can do some work that makes the men can only amazed and silent. Therefore, these weaknesses can make us as good as women to be even better and can reduce them. So, take the good and throw away the negative.

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